About Benchmark Construction


Jim Gade has been working and living in Sonoma Valley for 35 years. Benchmark Construction's goal, personally and professionally, is to create and construct projects of all different sizes and scope with a high degree of attention and quality control along with focus on budget and efficiency. We equally strive to build relationships based on trust, good communication and enjoyment throughout.

Our scope has included a wide range of projects over the years that include: smaller remodels, additions, many new homes and large estate development.  

New Homes
We find that projects go best if we're involved from earliest concepts to assist in setting up direction and flow charts for engineers, architects etc. along with refining budgets to keep expectations and budget in line.

Especially when these are where you will be living in the house, it's crucial to have someone who is attentive and sensitive to being sure to have the process livable and functioning throughout. Our added design experience can help to create the spaces and work out the finer points along with the concepts to make the addition or remodel really work well both to keep the design but also to incorporate all that is needed and desired to be included.

We have a wealth of experience both in knowing what is needed to create an outdoor living space and to fully utilize the outdoors on your property. Simple plantings with walkways and lighting, outdoor cooking, wine caves/dining/entertaining, pools and water features (custom or installing units from a fabricator), natural and contemporary detailing, shade structures etc.