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The design is a linear composition of indoor and outdoor spaces held together by natural stone, concrete and glass. Simple, agrarian-style rooflines from around the countryside opens this home to natural light and views of San Francisco in the distance.


Published on Nov 1, 2015

Built within the slope of a hillside, overlooking the City of Sonoma, this recently completed home blends the indoors with the outdoors. Uniquely incorporating landscaped rooftops and water features, tied together with the use of chisel cut stone walls - it’s aesthetic is to deconstruct and redefine the Modern Farmhouse.

A simple walk from Sonoma’s Plaza, this home sits between the traditional residential neighborhood below and the rural expanse of Sonoma Valley. The interiors open wide to bring in the south sun, while delivering a clear view of San Francisco’s skyline.

Materials: stone, concrete, glass, wood and metal. Lifetime materials used in a modern way. The visitor can walk up and touch, and be surrounded by such materials in an understated, approachable way.

Project completed in 2015.